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VR Arcade: Crisis Brigade VR

A fast-paced, action-packed VR game that takes you back to the glory of 90's classic arcade machines. This thrilling game is all about covering, pointing, and shooting. Highly recommended for some Ideal for those new to VR.

VR Arcade - Crisis Brigade 2 Cover Shot
VR Arcade - Crisis Brigade 2

Game Play

The game is playable alone or in two-player online co-op. As a SWAT team member, the player has seven minutes to finish each level, taking down every nearby enemy, choosing which direction to take, or defeating a boss.

With only three lives, a single bullet can make you lose one, so the game requires careful attention and quick reactions. There are multiple mission routes, four difficulty levels, and a strong focus on replayability with online leaderboards.

Key Details

The game can accommodate up to 2 players, making it a perfect choice for solo adventurers as well as co-op play.

With an easy-to-medium difficulty rating, it welcomes both newcomers and veteran VR gamers alike. The age suitability starts at 15+, making it a delightful choice for teenagers and adults who want to experience a balanced level of challenge in their VR gaming.

Game Trailer


Ready to team up and head back to the 90's VR Style with Crisis Brigade VR? Whether you're a lone wolf, eager to collaborate, or itching for a face-off, we have experiences that will stoke your adrenaline at our VR Arcade. Let the pulse-pounding adventure commence!



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