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Plan your Visit to VR N3XT

Located at the heart of Bromley, we are only a 5 min walk from Bromley South or 3 minutes from the Glades Mall.

See our
Opening Hours and discover the many different ways to get
 to your next adventure at VR N3XT on this page.



You can find us following the postcode BR1 1TR.

For parking options, head over to the NCP Parking which is a short walk from VR N3XT.


There are plenty of options to get to Bromley South by bus.

With 15 Bus Routes connecting Bromley South to Orpington, Lewisham & more ...


Getting to Bromley South is a breeze.

With fast links from Victoria (15mins) all the way out to Sevenoaks and the Southeast.



Opening Hours 

VR N3XT is open every day.

During weekdays, we are open from lunchtime (12:30 PM) until dinner (7:30 PM) on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. But on Thursday and Friday, we stay open a bit longer until 8:30 PM.

During weekends, we're ready for you right from the morning (10:00 AM) all the way until 8:30 PM at night. Come visit us anytime during these hours! 

Just so you know, each of our services usually takes about 45 minutes. So, if we don't have any bookings in the last hour of the day, we might close a bit early. This means if you want to pop in near the end of the day, it's a good idea to check with us first or make sure you book online before coming. 

We are closed on

  • 22 May    - Closed for maintenance

  • 25 Dec    - Christmas Day

  • 01 Jan     - New Year

These dates are regularly updated, so make sure to check this page when planning your trip.

Bromley South

Here is a quick video showing how to get to VR N3XT from Bromley South.

Startoff by heading towards Glades Mall from Bromley South Station.

When you reach KFC, take a right, you should follow the passageway between KFC and Sportsdirect

At the end of the passageway, take a right after the Jujutsu place. 

Just as you emerge from that passageway, look to your right, and you should see VR N3XT, home of immersive play.

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