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VR Arcade: Propagation VR

Tossed into the middle of a zombie apocalypse, armed only with your guns and fists, get ready to fight off horrifying zombies and other multi-species mutants. Will you have what it takes to get out alive, or will you succumb to the horrors that await you?

VR Arcade - Propagation VR Cover Shot
VR Arcade - Propagation VR

Game Play

In "Propagation VR," you'll experience the horror of a mysterious virus that has brought about the apocalypse. Trapped in an abandoned subway station filled with nightmarish monsters, you can only rely on your cold blood and skills to survive. As the game progresses, the challenge ramps up, with the realistic handling of weapons adding to the tension​.

The game offers a limited but satisfying selection of weapons, each with its own qualities and realistic mechanics. While the game is a test of survival, it also masterfully cultivates a sense of horror, using a potent mix of psychological terror, gore, and jump scares to keep you on edge. The game pushes you into vulnerable situations that truly test your survival instincts

Key Details

The game can accommodate up to 2 players, making it a perfect choice for solo adventurers as well as co-op play. One session of Propagation VR is about 30 minutes of sweat and fear.

Once you've finished the game, challenge yourself to a harder setting and see if you can make it with Hard, Nightmare or Impossible modes!

The age suitability for this game is 18+, making it an outstanding choice for adults in search of a heart-thumping, sweat-inducing VR gaming experience.

Game Trailer


Dive into this immersive experience and test your survival skills with Propagation VR? Whether you're a lone wolf, eager to collaborate, or itching for a face-off, we have experiences that will stoke your adrenaline at our VR Arcade. Let the pulse-pounding adventure commence!

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