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VR Escape Room: The Prison (ER)

Unjustly imprisoned, your fight for justice begins in the cold, hard confines of "The Prison". A cutting-edge VR escape room game that plunges you into a thrilling race against time to clear your name. Will your courage, cunning, and luck be enough to reclaim your freedom?

VR Escape Room - The Prison Cover
VR Escape Room - The Prison

Game Play

In "The Prison", you and your police force team have been cracking down on criminal gangs for years, but in a twist of fate, you find yourself on the wrong side of the bars. Framed and jailed on trumped-up charges, you must rely on your wits, your team, and an intricate escape plan to regain your freedom and continue your fight for justice​​.

The game is a thrilling blend of courage, cunning, and a little bit of luck. As players navigate their way through the challenges of the escape plan, they'll need to work together, solve puzzles, and keep their nerves steady. The clock is ticking, and with every second that passes, your freedom hangs in the balance.

Key Details

The Prison Escape Room can accommodate 1 to 6 players, making it a perfect choice for solo adventurers as well as group play.

With a hard difficulty rating, it promises to challenge even the most seasoned VR gamers. Age suitability starts at 13+, so it's an excellent choice for teenagers and adults alike.

The game requires approximately 10 minutes of training followed by 40 minutes of game time, culminating in a total virtual reality experience of about 50 mins. Be sure to arrive 15 minutes prior to your reservation time to fulfil pre-mission requirements.

Game Trailer


Gather your friends and start planning your escape. Will your courage, cunning, and luck be enough to reclaim your freedom? Experience the magic and the challenge of VR Escape Room games at VR N3XT. Whether you're a solo player or a group of friends looking for a fun, puzzling and exciting adventure ... your journey awaits!



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