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NP Delta: Enforcer Alpha

Enforcer Alpha combines sturdy construction with rapid-fire capability, delivering a knockout performance that suits newcomers and seasoned players. Available in Veteran, Elite & Legendary packages.

NP Delta: Enforcer Alpha
NP Delta: Enforcer Alpha


The Enforcer Alpha is inspired by the real M4 CQBR, a weapon widely used in the military and law enforcement agencies due to its versatility and reliability.

Designed by NUPROL (NP), a reputable name in the airsoft industry, the Enforcer Alpha is a testament to NP's dedication to realism and quality. This airsoft replica showcases a rock-solid construction, complete with a resilient case-hardened exterior that enhances its robustness and longevity.

The gun is ideal for fast-paced, action-filled Airsofting days, promising durability and performance that won't let you down.


The Enforcer Alpha is packed with features to impress even the most discerning airsoft enthusiasts. It comes with an A3 style flat top receiver with a 20mm RIS rail, allowing for the installation of all sorts of optics and sights.

Internally, the Alpha boasts a reinforced V2 gearbox with a quick change spring, a full steel tooth piston, a micro switch trigger, and a high torque flat motor. It's notably power-efficient, promising longer battery life and uninterrupted fun.

A 1:1 scale replica, Enforcer Alpha gives the most authentic feel possible. It's a right-handed model with a standard weapon configuration. The gun is approximately 2.5kg and fires at approximately 341fps using 0.20g BBs, with a length of 80cm.

Pop Culture

There aren't any instances where Delta Enforcer Alpha has been referenced in pop culture, but if you have come across this in a movie, show, or any other media, be sure to drop us a line to let us know.


Now that you know all about the Delta Enforcer Alpha, why not try it out with our Veteran, Elite or Legendary Package? Experience the thrill and the power of this amazing airsoft gun at VR N3XT's Airsoft Shooting Range. Perfect your aim and immerse yourself in the most realistic shooting range you've ever seen.



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