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VORSK EU17 Vented - Pink Panther

Nicknamed the 'Pink Panther', the VORSK EU17 Vented Gas Blowback (GBB) Pistol delivers a captivating blend of robust reliability and stylish charm, leaving users with a thrilling sense of mastery and individuality. Available in Elite & Legendary packages.

Vorsk VP26X GBB Pistol (aka "Meat Grinder")
Vorsk VP26X GBB Pistol (aka "Meat Grinder")


The VORSK EU17 Vented is a product of the UK-based company VORSK, which aims to bring quality, style, and performance to the Airsoft community.

Designed with an attention to detail, the EU17 Vented is constructed from a mixture of HIPS Material, Aluminium, Alloy, and Polymer, resulting in a robust and dependable Gas Blowback Pistol that doesn't compromise on style.

VORSK's objective of creating a standout pistol is evident in the pistol's unique matte pink slide finish, vented design, and custom grooves on the slide, which has landed this gun a nickname "Pink Panther" here at VR N3XT.


Internally, the EU17 Vented features an adjustable hop-up unit, designed to add range and accuracy to shots by spinning the BB before it travels down the barrel, resulting in more stable flight.

The pistol also includes a pre-upgraded 6.03mm diameter inner barrel, offering improved performance and accuracy compared to most standard barrels in other Airsoft pistols. The EU17 Vented has semi-automatic firing capabilities, and the slide moves back when fired to simulate recoil, providing a satisfying kick.

The EU17 Vented comes with a range of advanced features. The slide is a highly customised version of the base slide from the pistol it was based on, featuring extra grooves for easier racking. The frame of the pistol includes a custom stippled design, extended Gen4 style magazine release, replaceable back straps, a pistol rail, and a flared magazine well, which makes magazine insertion easier and faster.

Pop Culture

There aren't any instances where Vorsk EU17 has been referenced in pop culture, but if you have come across this in a movie, show, or any other media, be sure to drop us a line to let us know.


Now that you know all about the Vorsk EU17, why not try it out with our Elite or Legendary Package? Experience the thrill and the power of this amazing airsoft gun at VR N3XT's Airsoft Shooting Range. Perfect your aim and immerse yourself in the most realistic shooting range you've ever seen.



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