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Glock 17 - The Deadpool Gun

Dubbed the 'Deadpool's Choice', the Ascend Airsoft x WE 17 Series Gas Blowback Pistol presents a striking fusion of fierce firepower and artistic allure. Available in Elite & Legendary packages.

Vorsk VP26X GBB Pistol (aka "Meat Grinder")
Vorsk VP26X GBB Pistol (aka "Meat Grinder")


The Ascend Airsoft x WE 17 Series Gas Blowback Pistol is a reliable and high-performing airsoft gun, crafted with keen attention to detail.

This airsoft replica, based on the WE G17 platform, boasts a unique Deadpool-themed design with character quips and superhero references. Its crimson hydro-dipped exterior exudes a vibrant and energetic aura, perfectly capturing the spirit of the beloved Marvel character, Deadpool.

Glocks have a reputation for their simplicity and ease of use. They have a relatively small number of components, making them easy to disassemble and maintain. Additionally, they have a consistent trigger pull from shot to shot, providing a predictable and consistent shooting experience.


The Ascend Airsoft x WE 17 is gas-powered with a 24-round gas magazine. It has a full metal slide and a polymer frame, which offers a balance of durability and lightweight design. The gun features a blade trigger, stippling, iron sights, and a railed frame.

Additionally, the pistol is coated with Cerakote, an incredibly hard-wearing ceramic paint coating that is baked on for unrivalled strength and durability, improving its service life.

Pop Culture

Prepare to immerse yourself in an unparalleled shooting experience that mirrors the audacious spirit of the renowned Marvel character Deadpool.

While the Ascend Airsoft x WE 17 Series Gas Blowback Pistol does not feature in pop culture, its real-life counterpart, the Glock 17, has been featured prominently in numerous films and TV shows. This includes "Die Hard 2", "True Lies", "Eraser", "Lethal Weapon 4", "Rush Hour", and many others. Therefore, fans of these movies might find a special appeal in this airsoft pistol's design and function.


Now that you know all about the Deadpool Gun, why not try it out with our Elite or Legendary Package? Experience the thrill and the power of this amazing airsoft gun at VR N3XT's Airsoft Shooting Range. Perfect your aim and immerse yourself in the most realistic shooting range you've ever seen.



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