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MA5B Combat System - "Halo Gun"

Unleash the Power of a Sci-Fi Classic MA5B Individual Combat Weapon System, a powerful and iconic firearm replicated from the world of Halo. Available in Legendary packages only.

MA5B Combat Weapon System (Halo Gun)
MA5B Combat Weapon System (Halo Gun)


The MA5B Individual Combat Weapon System is not just another airsoft gun, it's a faithful reimagining of the assault rifle from the Halo video game series.

The exact origins and real-world usage of the MA5B are, of course, limited to the realm of science fiction, but its design inspiration is deeply rooted in the game's rich lore and aesthetics.


Constructed primarily from polymer, with a rubber butt and grips, the MA5B replica is as close as it gets to wielding the real thing from the game. The weapon features a digital ammo counter which counts down from 95 rounds, resetting when the magazine is re-inserted, and fully lit LEDs that simulate the green lighting from the in-game weapon​1​.

The gun is powered electrically, with a unique weapon platform and magazine style. It has a semi-automatic and full automatic fire selector.

The gun weighs approximately 4.5 kg, making it a substantial piece of equipment to handle.

Pop Culture

The MA5B Individual Combat Weapon System is a star in its own right in the realm of pop culture. The weapon originates from the Halo video game series, where it is the standard firearm for the main protagonist - Master Chief.

Its distinct design and in-game performance have made it an iconic symbol of the Halo franchise and it has featured in other games like Fortnite.


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