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Delta Pioneer Breacher

A highly versatile, lightweight and powerful airsoft hardware that packs a punch in close-quarters scenarios, making it perfect for junior gunners. Available with All packages.

Nuprol Delta Pioneer Breacher
Delta Pioneer Breacher


The Delta Pioneer Breacher is inspired by the AR platform, more specifically, M4/AR-15/M16. Its light and robust design allows for compact and agile movement, making it perfect for close quarters battle (CQB), a type of combat where high-intensity, fast-paced engagements are the norm.

The Delta Pioneer Breacher is both stylish and functional. The construction is a durable polymer with an alloy trim, balancing the need for robustness and a lightweight build. The gun is electrically powered, making it easy to use and maintain.


The Delta Pioneer Breacher is a 1:1 scale replica, giving you the most authentic feel possible. It's a right-handed model with a standard weapon configuration. The gun is approximately 2kg in weight and has a length of 60cm when collapsed and 68cm when fully extended, making it ideal for our junior gunners.

Pop Culture

There aren't any instances where Delta Pioneer Breacher has been referenced in pop culture but if you have come across this in a movie, show or any other media be sure to drop us a line to let us know.


Now that you know all about the Delta Pioneer Breacher, why not try it out? Available with All packages. Experience the thrill and the power of this amazing airsoft gun at VR N3XT's Airsoft Shooting Range. Perfect your aim and immerse yourself in the most realistic shooting range you've ever seen.



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