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Source: this article was initially published on This Is Lady Land but has been moved here due to broken links in the original post.

Attention all space cadets and cosmic adventurers! Are you ready to embark on a journey to the stars?

The Galactic Rave is just around the corner, and it's time to craft some out-of-this-world costumes that will make you the talk of the universe. Don't worry if you're not a master craftsman – the beauty of fancy dress is that it doesn't have to be perfect.

Whether you're an absolute beginner or a seasoned craft ninja, we've got you covered with step-by-step guides for creating stellar space outfits that will transport you to a galaxy far, far away.

So, grab your tinfoil, your glue gun, and your sense of adventure – it's time to blast off and create some unforgettable memories at the Galactic Rave!


Girls in home made alien costume

This one is super easy and you can buy all the bits from a craft shop. I actually found most of this stuff at Poundland. Great to make with kiddies.


  • A plastic headband

  • Some washi tape – or masking tape will do

  • Some pipe-cleaners

  • Polystyrene balls

  • PVA glue

  • A black marker


  1. First draw black dots on the balls to make eyes

  2. Dip the end of our pipe-cleaner in some glue

  3. Push it into the polystyrene ball.

  4. Trim the pipe-cleaner. If it is the full length it might be too long to stand upright and it will flap about.

  5. Start wrapping the washi tape around the headband at one end. Once you get about a third of the way along, stop to add a pipe cleaner.

  6. Continue wrapping the tape around (keep it all in one piece, don’t break the tape off, it will lose strength).

  7. After you have wrapped it around a few more times, add another pipe-cleaner, then continue wrapping around.

  8. Bend them all up into an up right position.

  9. Now keep an eye out for Sigourney Weaver!



No need to learn calculus! Now all you need to be a rocket scientist is to drink a whole load of Pepsi Max and make a jetpack ..


  • Two soft drink bottles

  • Some cardboard – the lid of a shoebox will do.

  • Tulle for the hot jets

  • Cable ties

  • Elastic for the straps

  • Silver paint & a paintbrush

  • Scissors

  • Some tape

  • A lab coat (optional)

  • A button up shirt and bow tie

  • Some glasses (optional)


  1. Drink all the Pepsi Max

  2. Paint the clean bottles silver. I used silver acrylic paint rather than silver aerosol paint because I had some little helpers and aerosol is hideous stuff to be around. We only needed two coats.

  3. Cut the cardboard so it is slightly smaller than the two bottles next to each other. Paint it silver on both sides.

  4. Cut your tulle into zig-zaggy flame shapes on one end

  5. Roll up the tulle and tape the ends to form a thick bunch. Stuff the bunch into the bottle hole. You could add some PVA glue so it doesn’t fall out.

  6. Cut two slits in the bottle and feed a cable tie through. Make sure it’s long enough to join up to itself to form a loop. I had to bend the end of mine into a little hook to get it to stick back through the second hole easily.

  7. Cut 4 slits into your card for each bottle. (See above)

  8. Loop the cable tie through the middle slits to fasten the bottle on and repeat with the other bottle.

  9. Thread the elastic through the other slits to make the straps and tie the ends in knot to for a sturdy loop. Perhaps get the scientist to try it on first, before you tie it off). I used the scissors to help wedge the elastic through the slits because it was a bit tricky.

  10. 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, blast-off!




  • Some grey leggings or bottoms

  • A white or grey vest top

  • Some old grey tights – cut to form arm bands

  • Black boots – or wellies would do.

  • A brown belt

  • Some grey fabric strips – You can get some grey jersey from John Lewis.

  • Hair ties for her awesome badass hair style.


  • A white paper lampshade from the local hardware store, they also have them at Ikea.

  • Some string or wool

  • A bamboo skewer

  • A colander or salad bowl

  • White tissue paper

  • Bubble wrap

  • Tape

  • Paint – silver, orange and black to be authentic

  • Some scissors


  1. First construct the lampshade.

  2. Take a sheet of tissue paper and putting it in the colander. (Stay with me, I know that sounds like a weird thing to do.). Stuff the bowl with bubble wrap.

  3. Fold the paper on top like you are wrapping a big bowl shaped present. Put loads of clear tape all over the top so it stays in shape and no paper bits stick out.

  4. Pop it out of the bowl and it should hold its shape.

  5. To thread a string/wool it onto BB8, tape some wool to a bamboo skewer. This will pierce his head right through the middle, so make sure the tape is very tight so it won’t come off halfway through.

  6. Pierce the centre of his head and force the skewer all the way through.

  7. Pull the skewer through then pull the string through the body and tie it to the wire part at the bottom of the lampshade.

  8. When you hold him by the string he should look like BB8. Tie the wool to the top wire part of the lampshade well so it doesn’t slide around too much.

  9. Now it’s time to paint him. Paint some circles on the sides by tracing circles around a side plate and give it some character by painting a face. Don’t be too precious about painting him, just go with it if you make a mistake.

  10. Tie the end of the string to a stick, then watch him dance when you wave it about.

  11. Go and fight the evil galactic empire.



There aren’t many times in your life when you get to wear silver lamé but a space party is the perfect excuse! I’d love to make an adult sized version of this one because it looks like a lot of fun.


  • A dress to model the pattern on.

  • Silver lamé – I used 2 meters to make this dress for a three year old.

  • Cotton jersey fabric – I used this to line the dress so it wasn’t scratchy and hot.

  • Orange tulle – for the under skirt

  • White, green and black felt for the alien

  • Googly eyes for the alien

  • Some clear plastic for his window – you could get this from a plastic sleeve if you don’t want to buy loads of plastic.

  • Some glitter for the alien’s windowGlue to stick him together.

To make the dress:

  1. Trace around the template dress in chalk on both types of fabric. Give it a good inch more than the dress you’re tracing around.

  2. Cut it out, then add a slit at the back of the neck which will allow for the head to get through.

  3. Also cut out some triangles that are the length of the dress from under-arm to hem

  4. Sew the lining to the silver lamé around the neck, arms and side seams. Leave the bottom hem and shoulder seams open. Do this for the front and back.

  5. On the back, sew around he slit for the neck hole, so that when you turn it the right way around, it doesn’t gather ar the bottom of the slit.

  6. Turn it the right way around – the arm hole and neck will now not need any hemming.

  7. Check that it fits over your alien’s head. Some aliens have large heads, so you may need to re-adjust the slit at the back to be longer.

  8. Sew the shoulders together to form a sort of flappy apron.

  9. Before you sew the sides of the dress, make your wings. Sew the two pieces of lamé together along the bottom and diagonal side. Leave the side that gets sewn into the dress’ side seam open.

  10. Turn you wings the right way around and iron the seams flat.

  11. Pin the wings into the side seams of the dress.

  12. Sew the side seams to make the full dress.

  13. Now hem the bottom by hand, folding the lamé inside the dress, and sewing it to the lining, tucking under the raw edge so it doesn’t fray.

  14. I added an orange tutu under the dress for the fire. I already had the tutu, but you could easily make one using tulle and elastic to make a basic elasticated skirt. Remember – you always need twice as much tulle as you think you’ll need.

  15. Finish it off with a button at the top of the slit on the back if you feel really fancy.

To make the hat:

  1. Cut some lamé into a quarter of a circle. Two layers of lamé, one layer of stiffer lining. I used some canvas fabric that I had left over from a beanbag for mine, but any stiff fabric would do. Denim, felt, cotton drill.

  2. Lay the two sheets of lamé on top of the lining layer

  3. Sew the curved edge and one of the straight edges.

  4. Turn it the right way around so that the lining is in between the two layers of lamé, and the crown of the hat (the seam that runs around the head), will be nice and neat.

  5. Iron the crown seam flat.

  6. Bring the two corners together to form a point hat shape.

  7. Sew along the edge where the two straight sides meet, then turn it the right way around to for the hat.

To make the alien: 

  1. Cut two circles of felt. One for the background (I used white) and one for the frame of the porthole (I used black). Make the background circle slightly smaller than the frame. Cut the frame to be about 15mm thick,

  2. Cut out an alien to sit inside the window.

  3. Glue on his eyes

  4. Glue him to the back ground

  5. Add some glitter if you want

  6. Draw a ring of glue around the edge.

  7. Cut your plastic, for his window, to fit the circle and glue it down, sealing the alien and his glitter in the window.

  8. Now glue the frame on as well and let it dry.

  9. Position the porthole on the rocket and carefully sew around the frame to attach it to the dress. This might be easier by hand. Make sure you sew through the lining too,  the lamé might not be strong enough to hold the heavy porthole without tearing.

  10. Now get ready for blast off!


These DIY space costumes are sure to be a hit at the Galactic Rave. Whether you choose to be a friendly Space Alien, a brilliant Rocket Scientist, the brave Rae and her trusty sidekick BB8, or a dazzling Rocket Girl, you'll be ready to dance the night away among the stars.

Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and let your creativity soar. We can't wait to see all the incredible, out-of-this-world outfits you'll create for this cosmic celebration. So, gather your materials, follow our step-by-step guides, and prepare to embark on an unforgettable adventure at the Galactic Rave. See you there, space cadets!



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